Care for the Disabled

China Marrow Donor Program (CMDP) Data Bank Expansion Project

In China, millions of leukemia sufferers wait for marrow transplants each year. Since 2002, Johnson & Johnson has worked closely with the Red Cross Society of China to expand the capacity of the Chinese Marrow Donor Program. The program includes raising public awareness of blood stem cell needs and donations, providing funds for project operations, and launching blood stem cell donation activities. So far, more than 2,800 Johnson & Johnson employees have volunteered to donate hematopoietic stem cell samples with three cases having matched successfully from donations.


Shaanxi Charity Association Poverty Relief Project

Since 2006, Xian Janssen has partnered with the Shaanxi Charity Association to help pave roads, ease local travel and upgrade school infrastructure in Yangjia Village, Chengcheng County, Shaanxi Province. These and other projects to which Xian Janssen lends support have facilitated new rural construction, economic development and increased sales of local products.
Xian Janssen has assisted in the implementation of a variety of projects in the village. These include: an engineering project designed to harden roads and tunnels, solving mass difficulties with travel in rainy conditions; the restoration of a water pumping station for improved water conservation and the lining of irrigation channels to increase agricultural efficiency; construction of a cultural entertainment center and installation of fitness equipment, which has enhanced human health and enlivened rural cultural life in the village; and the awarding for three consecutive years of a scholarship recognizing outstanding student performance on the college entrance examination.
In the cause of developing culture and education the village’s original, now decrepit, schoolhouse will also be remodeled, building new classrooms and teachers’ quarters. 

Ma Haide Foundation Leprosy Patients Donation and Support Program

Since 2003, Xian Janssen has partnered with the Ma Haide Foundation to provide financial and other forms of assistance to leprosy patients through its Donation and Support Project. We award outstanding professionals dedicated to the prevention, treatment, study and management of leprosy, supporting improvements in leprosy education and raising public awareness on the disease. We also organize visits to leprosy patients and professionals and contribute to education funds for children of leprosy patients. These efforts reflect Xian Janssen’s dedication and commitment to the fight against leprosy in China.