Health Education Projects

Through Our Credo, Xian Janssen has a responsibility to the patients and healthcare practitioners we serve. An important part of this commitment is our contribution to medical and health education that addresses the needs of both healthcare professionals and consumers. In collaboration with our trusted partners, we organize a number of innovative training opportunities to improve healthcare treatment standards across China. These efforts are a reflection of our commitment to provide quality products and services to Chinese patients, consumers and their families. 

Healthcare professionals require ongoing training to stay at the forefront of advances in medical science; however, funding for medical education in China is insufficient to meet the significant demand. Xian Janssen’s medical education team, including both our Rx and ONE China OTC colleagues, is committed to collaborating with medical experts and organizations to promote the development of world-class medical education in China.

ONE China OTC’s medical education department established the Medical Education Academy of Johnson & Johnson China, in order to fuel the advancement of Xian Janssen’s and Johnson & Johnson Shanghai’s contributions to medication education related to OTC drugs. Xian Janssen’s Rx team supports a number of medical education initiatives, such as Johnson & Johnson’s China Global Pediatrics Conference, Internal Medicine Common Disease Tournament, Best Dermatologist series, and Colorectal Surgery Training Program. These programs have received widespread recognition from industry leaders for their positive impact on medical education and on the overall technological standards of the medical industry in China.

We will continue to collaborate with our partners to improve medical education in China for the benefit of the patients, customers, and their families we serve. Our responsibility to society is an important part of our core values, and we will continue to bring love and care to address medical education needs in China.

Johnson & Johnson China Global Pediatrics Conference: Delivering Care With The Latest International Trends

Johnson & Johnson China Global Pediatrics Conference is an initiative that has been connecting leading Chinese and international pediatric healthcare professionals since 2004. The program provides a platform for academic exchange on the latest developments in pediatrics, providing Chinese pediatricians with access to leading information from international pediatric conferences such as those organized by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Xian Janssen is committed to making world-class medical education accessible to physicians across the country. To achieve this aim, we broadcast all previous sessions of Johnson & Johnson China Global Pediatrics Conference via satellite, providing a platform for academic exchange to 2,500 doctors in nearly 30 cities across China annually. Johnson & Johnson China Global Pediatrics Conference has become one of the most influential platforms in China for the dissemination and exchange of the latest research and cutting edge technology in pediatrics. As a bridge connecting pediatric academia at home and abroad, Johnson & Johnson China Global Pediatrics Conference began as an innovative academic platform and has transformed into an authoritative model in medical education.

With great love, we commit to addressing healthcare challenges across China and to improving medical care standards through education. The Medical Education Academy of Johnson & Johnson China will continue to honor its commitment to caring for society by improving pediatric healthcare in China. We will join hands with front-line pediatricians to support them in their dedication to care for the health of children in China.

The Best Dermatologist Campaign: Accelerate With the Best

Xian Janssen launched the Best Dermatologist Campaign in 2013. The campaign has become one of the company’s major medical education programs in the field of dermatology.

The Best Dermatologist Campaign provides an opportunity for up and coming dermatologists from across the nation to learn from peers and receive valuable clinical suggestions from a panel of top domestic dermatologists. The campaign promotes education on best practices in diagnostics and treatment through mentoring and experience sharing, particularly beneficial to front-line practitioners.

At Xian Janssen, we demonstrate our commitment to dermatological medical education through a number of events. These initiatives support the dissemination of leading research in the field of dermatology and support the advancement of dermatological research and patient care across China.

Colorectal Surgery Training Program: gentle care through the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine

In order to provide opportunities for academic exchange on best practices in the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal diseases, Xian Janssen and the Coloproctology Association of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine of China jointly launched the Colorectal Surgery Training Program. The program provides China’s colorectal surgeons with timely access to state-of-the-art proctology research and a professional platform for academic exchanges and training. The program has become increasingly influential as more colorectal surgeons in China have benefited from the training sessions and implemented new treatments into their clinical practice.

Colorectal diseases are common and often chronic conditions that have a daily impact on many people’s lives. Patients often wait to seek treatment until the disease has progressed, as early symptoms tend to be mild. Subsequent surgical intervention can lead to post-operative complications that negatively impact patients' daily functioning as well as their psychological well-being. To improve outcomes for patients suffering from colorectal disease, Xian Janssen runs the Anorectal Surgery Training Program to provide a professional learning platform for colorectal surgeons to support them in delivering the best treatment to patients.