People Development

Our Vision for People Development

We believe that talent is one of our company’s core competitive advantages, and our leaders take responsibility for cultivating talent within our organization. Our leaders attract and recruit talent, lead performance management and development, establish a global, diverse reserve of talent, and create an environment that embraces diversity and inclusivity. Our employees take ownership of their personal development and actively work towards continuous improvement.

Leadership Imperatives





CREDO Demonstrate and inspire the behaviors that reinforce Our Credo.

  • Serve as a role model for making Credo-based decisions
  • Create a trusting, collaborative, and ethical work environment
  • Maintain the highest standards of quality, compliance and accountability
  • Champion programs and initiatives that support our environment and communities

Develop deep insights into the needs of our patients, customers, markets and communities.

  • Cultivate external relationships and partnerships
  • Be insight-driven to uncover unmet needs
  • Forge internal collaboration across all levels of the enterprise

Drive innovation; anticipate and shape industry and market changes to advance health care globally.

  • Translate insights into viable products and solutions that create value
  • Challenge the status-quo; lead and adapt to change
  • Take and manage risks

Deliver results by inspiring and mobilizing people and teams.

  • Empower people to act with speed, agility, and accountability
  • Demonstrate a global and enterprise-wide mindset
  • Balance short and long-term strategic choices

Create an environment where leadership and talent development is top priority.

  • Take ownership for talent acquisition, performance and development of self and others
  • Maximize the power of diversity and inclusion
  • Engage in transparent and constructive conversations

Training and Development

Xian Janssen’s training and development employs an integrative approach to learning. Our training includes a variety of programs, including:

  • Professional and technical training on products and sales skills;
  • Management training and recruitment skills;
  • Personal effectiveness and process optimization;
  • MBA sponsorship for high-potential employees (including the opportunity to study in leading universities in Singapore, Australia, Central Europe, and other regions);
  • International Development Program (IDP) to gain experience across the global Johnson & Johnson network;
  • Domestic Development Program to gain experience in different companies and groups across Johnson & Johnson in China;
  • On-line university courses;
  • Manager coaching and feedback;
  • Rotational programs